Rational use of plant protection products and fertilizers in terms of the impact on bees in the ecosystem

Air, water and food are among the basic necessities necessary for life. However, sometimes we do not realize that our lives probably could not exist without bees, which are becoming more and more extinct for pesticides, which are used more intensively than before.

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R1: BeePro Curriculum including State of the Art 

This result is a comprehensive one. It includes a summary report on the situation in beekeeping in all partners countries- State of the Art, Training methodology and the BeePro Curriculum itself.


R2: Virtual Learning Environment with Training Content

The Virtual learning environment is the main tool for delivery of the training content. It contains free online courses that will provide you with a lot of information in the field of organic beekeeping and the correct and rational use of plant protection products. The BeePro e-learning course is available in English, Slovak, Polish, Romanian, Greek and Spanish language.


R3: BeePro Handbook

The purpose of the BeePro Handbook is to help understand and provide knowledge about honeybees, bees in nature, the effects of different types of agrochemicals on beneficial insect, the proper use of plant protection products in the agriculture production, the organic beekeeping, organic agriculture production and good practices for using chemicals in an environmental friendly way. This handbook provides all necessary knowledge, information and practical examples.